About Us



Twenty plus years as a repair and maintenance professional with over thirty years of experience, we provide quality & speed in all your services.

Who We Are

Med Repair Tech is an independent company. We offer nationwide medical device management solutions to private, government, and other medical facilities and clinics. We aim to ensure that the medical devices you use every day comply with all rules, regulations, and standards required in the USA.

Precision and Accuracy are the two prerequisites when Medical Facilities use Medical Devices. Over time, their calibration and performance diminish, resulting in unreliable results and putting patient’s safety at risk. Finding a certified merchant that repairs maintains, and verifies medical equipment can be hard. That’s why we created Med Repair Tech. For over six years, we’ve been buying, selling, maintaining, and repairing biomedical equipment and equipment parts.

Known for our repair and maintenance service, we specialize in preventive maintenance and recalibrating and repairing equipment for hospitals, dental clinics, labs, and other health sector facilities.

What We Do

Our company has a proven track record of effective and efficient service performance within the USA Health Sector. We go the "extra mile."